Pomegranate Stamps with Matching Die

Pomegranate Stamps with Matching Die

November 2021

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If you're familiar with Greek mythology you might remember the Pomegranate as being part of the explanation for why winter comes each year. Whether Persephone's underworld snack can be blamed or not may be questioned, but we hope you agree that these Pomegranate Stamps with Matching Die featuring this rich red fruit is perfect for greetings through the winter and beyond. Some of the included sentiments like "Wishing you joy," or "peace" might find themselves at home on your next holiday card, or the "love" sentiment might be just right when you're making a card for that special someone on Valentine's or for an anniversary.

Looking for more sentiments to use with your pomegranate stamp set? You'll find something for your next card in the Find Beauty Stamp Set. Or to make the sentiments special you can pair them with the Essential Stitched Labels Crafting Die.

This pomegranate stamp and die set combines the Pomegranate Stamp Set with the Pomegranate Crafting Die. The stamps and dies are also available separately.

  • This stamp set includes 9 clear stamps on a 3" x 4" storage sheet. This die set includes 1 thin metal die on a 3" x 4" storage sheet.
  • Made in the USA using the highest-quality photopolymer & steel. Unlike products made overseas, ours don't contain any harmful chemicals, will last for years & will help you make better projects too!

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