Carnation Friends Stamp Set with Matching Dies

Carnation Friends Stamp Set with Matching Dies

March 2021

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Carnations have been cultivated for thousands of years and meant many things to many people over the centuries and millenia. Whatever sentiment you're hoping to share with your friends, say it with the Carnation Friends Stamp Set with Matching Dies. Carnations naturally grow in shades of red, pink, yellow, and white, but more recent cultivars have made shades of violet commercially available as well. Feel free to let your imagination go wild with this carnation stamp kit!

Loving what you create with the carnation stamp set, but looking to add a little more pizzazz to your card? Try adding in some design elements like our Essential Stitched Labels Crafting Dies or the In Stitches Stamp Set.

This carnation clear stamp and dies kit is a bundle of the Carnation Friends Flower Stamp Set and the Carnation Friends Crafting Dies which can also be purchased on their own.

  • This stamp set includes 9 clear stamps on a 3" x 4" storage sheet. This die set includes 4 thin metal dies on a 3" x 4" storage sheet.
  • Made in the USA using the highest-quality photopolymer & steel. Unlike products made overseas, ours don't contain any harmful chemicals, will last for years & will help you make better projects too!

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