Carnation Friends Stamp Set

Carnation Friends Stamp Set

Greenhouse Society, Jan 2017


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Carnations come in many colors and, in general, communicate a sense of love and distinction. But each color also conveys more specific symbolism and meaning. White carnations suggest good luck and pure love... perfect for graduation cards or for a gift tag for a friend who is moving far away. The yellow carnation symbolizes frienship while pink carnations are a sign of gratitude or thanks. So a bouquet of pink and white carnations would make a lovely thank you card for a friend. Light red carnations suggest admiration while dark red express deeper love and affection. Carnations are also often dyed so you can make them whatever color you want and include a sentiment to match any occasion. Phrases include "For My Friend", "Friends Make Everything Better", "Remember You Have A Friend In Me", "Hello". Images include "Flower", "Carnation".

  • 5 stamps on a 3" x 4" storage sheet.
  • Made in the USA using the highest-quality photopolymer.

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