Observations by Ali Edwards - Story Cards - Red

Observations by Ali Edwards - Story Cards - Red


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Calling all fans of Ali Edwards. Now you can bring some of Ali's style to the journal cards for your insert-style pocket pages (such as Project Life) or your traditional layouts! These red Observations Story Cards are double-sided. One side features Ali's handwriting and her favorite fonts. The handwritten words included in this pack are Life, Food, Remember, Routine, Memory, Love, Observations, Overheard, Moment, and Gratitude. The font-based phrases include these words and phrases: Overheard, Favorite Moment, Gratitude, Notes, What We Ate, Morning Routine, Best And Worst, Remember This, Evening Routine, So Much Love, Observations, What I Ate, I Want To Remember, and Real Life. You can stamp or handwrite your own phrases on the other side of these journal cards which features a blank grid. You'll love the projects you make using these 24 Observations Story Cards.

  • Includes 24 journaling cards that are ~3"x4".

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