Observations by Ali Edwards - Story Cards - Red

Observations by Ali Edwards - Story Cards - Red

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Calling all fans of Ali Edwards. Now you can bring some of Ali's style to your insert-style pocket pages (such as Project Life), your traditional layouts, or any journaling project! These red Observations Story Cards are double-sided and measure 3"x4". One side features Ali's handwriting and her favorite fonts. The handwritten words included in this pack are Life, Food, Remember, Routine, Memory, Love, Observations, Overheard, Moment, and Gratitude. The font-based phrases include these words and phrases: Overheard, Favorite Moment, Gratitude, Notes, What We Ate, Morning Routine, Best And Worst, Remember This, Evening Routine, So Much Love, Observations, What I Ate, I Want To Remember, and Real Life. The other side of these journal cards features a blank grid where you can stamp or write whatever you want. You'll love the projects you make using these 24 Observations Story Cards.

  • Includes 24 journaling cards that are ~3"x4".

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