Hello Days by Ali Edwards - Story Cards - Red

Hello Days by Ali Edwards - Story Cards - Red

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Are you looking for ways to incorporate Ali Edwards' style of journal cards on your next memory keeping project? This package of 24 Hello Days Story Cards are just what you need. One side of these cards features a journaling prompt in Ali's handwritten style. This package includes the words Hello (1), Mon (3), Tues (3), Wed (3), Thu (3), Fri (3), Sat(3), Sun (3), Life (1), and Today (1). The other side of each journaling card is a blank grid where you can stamp or write your own journaling prompts. Ali chose this shade of red for the grid and her handwritten words. These Hello Days Story Cards will add a nice pop of color to your Project Life style layout or your traditional layouts too!

  • Includes 24 journaling cards that are ~3"x4".

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