Zsa Zsa the Owl Stamp Set

Zsa Zsa the Owl Stamp Set

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Wouldn't your friends love to recieve a handmade card or gift tag featuring the Zsa Zsa the Owl stamp set? This hand-drawn owl stamp is cute and quirky. The amusing card sentiment stamps feature puns about owls. The Zsa Zsa the Owl stamp set is designed to match the Zsa Zsa the Owl crafting dies. (Stamp set and dies sold separately.)

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Sentiment and phrase stamps include "Whoo La La", "Being Unique Is Better Than Being Perfect", "Whoo Gives A Hoot About Age", "Guess Whoo Is Thinking Of You", "Hope Your Holidays Are A Hoot", "Darling", "I'm Here For You Owl-way", "Owlways", "Thanks For Owl You Do", "Whoo Loves You Baby", "Look Whoo Is Having A Birthday", "You're A Hoot", "You Are An Original" "Sending Owl My Love", and "It's Owl Good". Images include a whimsical owl stamp and a heart stamp.

  • Includes 18 clear stamps on a 4" x 6" storage sheet.
  • Made in the USA using the highest-quality photopolymer.

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