Wonderful Wreath Crafting Dies

Wonderful Wreath Crafting Dies



When you hang a Christmas wreath on your door, doesn't it bring a sense of holiday joy? Now you can bring that same joyous feeling to your handmade Christmas cards and gift tags using the Wonderful Wreath crafting dies! Cut out red and blue-green cardstock to make a traditional holiday wreath that looks like evergreen branches and red berries. Or use green, red, and gold glitter paper to make a holiday wreath that looks like frost-covered leaves, pomegranates, and pears.

But this wreath cutting die isn't just for winter-holiday projects. The open spaces in this die cut wreath can be filled with lots of different colors to fit all the different seasons. Celebrate spring by cutting out a wreath that looks like fresh green leaves and pops of lively pink buds or flowers. Celebrate summer by using darker green and richer colors to look like summer flowers and vegies. Or make a fall wreath by piecing together different colors to resemble apples, pumpkins, or other fall crops. The Wonderful Wreath craft dies will help you make cards all year long!

This set of Wonderful Wreath crafting dies can be used to make a die cut Christmas wreath or a wreath die cut for any season.

  • Includes 1 thin steel die.
  • Made in the USA of 100% high-quality steel. Compatible with most die-cutting machines.

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