Walt & Wanda the Walrus Clear Stamps with Matching Dies

Walt & Wanda the Walrus Clear Stamps with Matching Dies

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When you've got big feelings to share, then it's time to reach for Walt & Wanda the Walrus Clear Stamps with Matching Dies! If things aren't going how you'd like them to, you can reassure your loved ones with the included sentiment stamp "Everything will be Wal-right." Or if you've got a lot of gratitude to share, then Walt and Wanda would love to help you say "Thanks BIG time."

These friendly walrus stamps and dies would work well on a watery themed card. Want to create your own seascape? We offer some handy crafting dies like the Waves on the Border Crafting Die to get you going! Want to highlight your sentiments? Or just to make sure they don't get lost at sea as you create Walt and Wanda's home? You might find the Essential Stitched Labels Crafting Dies helpful.

These walrus stamps and dies for card making bundle the Walt & Wanda the Walrus Clear Stamps and matching Walt & Wanda the Walrus Crafting Dies. Just looking for one or the other? We also offer the walrus stamp set and walrus crafting dies separately.

  • This stamp set includes 13 clear stamps on a 4" x 6" storage sheet. This die set includes 6 thin metal dies on a 3" x 4" storage sheet.
  • Made in the USA using the highest-quality photopolymer & steel. Unlike products made overseas, ours don't contain any harmful chemicals, will last for years & will help you make better projects too!

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