Zip Dry

Zip Dry


This product has been retired and is no longer available.

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Zip Dry is a unique acid-free, archival-quality paper glue. We especially like how it works with Technique Tiles! It is fast drying on Technique Tiles and almost all paper types. (If you are using coated paper, it just takes a little longer.) Zip Dry has a very low water content which means that it won't make wrinkles or warp your paper, Technique Tiles, or chipboard accents. It dries crystal clear which makes it a wonderful adhesive to use with transparencies or acrylic embellishments.

The 2 ounce bottle comes with a special, precision applicator tip so you can put a thin line or small dot of glue right where you want it. But Zip Dry also lets you fix any mistakes you make: while it is still wet, you can easily remove it without leaving any residue. Zip Dry is strong enough to adhere Technique Tiles, chipboard, bling, beads, glitter, wire, metal and other embellishment to scrapbook pages, cards, and home decor projects.