Sassy Family Clear Stamps

Sassy Family Clear Stamps


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So, we all know that our families are perfectly imperfect and this stamp set embraces that! Is your family one tent away from a full blown circus? Is your family's “normal” not what others might think common? Maybe you have a friend who is about to the end of her rope chasing around the little ones in her family. This stamp set provides tongue-in-cheek sentiments perfect for handmade cards and scrapbook pages. Let your family know how much you love their nuttiness. Want more sassy sentiments like this? Check out You're Not Normal for more saucy sayings. Sentiment and phrase stamps include "Our Family Is One Tent Away From A Full Blown Circus", "Home Is Where My Bunch Of Crazies Are", "We Are A Little Nutty", "Parenthood: The Scariest Hood You'll Ever Hang Out In", "You Can't Choose Your Family, But You Can Ignore Their Calls", "I'm A Mom. I Enjoy Silence And Trips Alone To The Bathroom", "Remember: If Anyone Asks, We Are Totally Normal". Images include "Heart", "Flower".

  • 9 clear stamps on a 3" x 4" storage sheet.
  • Made in the USA using the highest-quality photopolymer.

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