Large Mystery Box Sale - 12.25" x 12.25" x 6"

Large Mystery Box Sale - 12.25" x 12.25" x 6"


US Addresses only.

Do not add ANYTHING else to your order. If you do, your order will be canceled & refunded.

ONE per person only! Larger orders will be canceled & refunded.

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We're moving to a new location next month, so Tena has been busy organizing our warehouse. In 10 years of being in our current location, we have collected a bunch of crafty goodness that now needs to go to a good home. Tena's been packing up boxes, and has filled them with an assortment of supplies such as clear stamps, craft dies, project kits, ribbon, story cards, cardstock, patterned paper, ink, Technique Tiles, embellishments, and more. The Mystery Boxes will be shipped in a USPS Priority Mail® Large Flat Rate Box. You will be charged the same rate that we pay for shipping when you check out. Although each box is unique and different, every box includes more than $125 of stamps alone so these boxes are worth much more than you will pay for them. Want to see what kinds of treasures we are including in this year's Mystery Boxes? Watch the video!

Here are some quick questions and answers about this sale.

What is included in each Mystery Box? Each box includes supplies such as an assortment of clear stamps in a variety of sizes, craft dies, project kits, story cards by Ali Edwards, patterned paper, about 2 inches of cardstock and patterened paper, ink, embellishments, Technique Tiles, ribbon, adhesive and more. Some of these products are packaged and some are not. Kits may be missing pieces but that gives you a chance to make the project your own by substituting items from your stash. Some of the stamp sets do not include an index sheet or they may be yellowed but they will stamp just fine. Some of the ink pads may have been stored right side up so you may need to store them upside down to get the ink to come to the surface of the ink pad. The acrylic blocks and craft dies may have been used in a class. And the patterned paper isn't from the very latest release. But if you are a crafter, you'll find so many ways to use the crafty goodness in every Mystery Box!

How are the Medium Mystery Boxes different from these large boxes? The Medium Mystery Boxes are smaller... so you get less stuff. And the large boxes include 12x12 paper where the medium boxes only have room for 8.5x11 paper.

I bought a Warehouse Treasure Box several years ago. Will this year's Mystery Box be similar? We have been in our current space for 10 years so we're finding lots of little pockets of cool craft supplies we don't want to pay someone to move to our new warehouse. And since we have limited quanities, it doesn't make sense to put them up on our website. That means you'll find more Technique Tuesday stamps, cardstock, plus a variety of embellishments, ribbon, and accents from other companies in these Mystery Boxes (and due to the size of the boxes this year there are none of the extra-large Technique Tiles). Plus for the first time we are including craft dies!

Are all the boxes the same? Not really... but if you order more than one Mystery Box, you will get some duplicates.

May I purchase other products and add them to my Mystery Box shipment? Sorry... not this year! These boxes are already so full there might not be room for your extra products.

How long will this sale run? Until we run out of Mystery Boxes! If you miss out, you will have to wait and see if we have another Mystery Box Sale next year.

Is there any fine print? Yes. US addresses only. One box per order. Quantities are limited to stock on hand. All sales are final. Due to the high volume of orders, we may take a bit longer to get your order out but we hope to ship your Mystery Box in about 3-5 business days.