Epoxy Accents

Epoxy Accents

Every time Eileen sees those cute epoxy stickers with cars, trucks, and airplanes she thinks she might need them for projects about her son. But when she gets home and sets out to create a layout, she knows those cute little stickers aren't going to be in the right colors for her scrapbook pages. Instead of buying pre-made stickers, she makes her own epoxy accents when she needs them in the colors that are right for her projects. You can too!

Here are some tips about how you can make hundreds of dimensional embellishments for what you would pay for just one of those packages of pre-made epoxy stickers using Glaze Pens:

  1. Stamp your letters or images using waterproof ink. If your ink isn't waterproof, the glaze pens may smear your stamped images.

  2. Color the stamped letters or images using glaze pens in colors that coordinate with your project. You can go over the lines of the stamped image to give them a glossy, raised look. Or color in the open spaces of the stamped images to add color and dimension.

    Tip: To get the best results with Glaze Pens, add color in layers. If you move the pen slowly, more glaze comes out of the pen. However, the more glaze the pen releases, the longer it takes to dry. The first layer you apply is likely to have a slighly-raised, matte finish. Let the layer dry completely before applying another layer. If a layer is not dry, you will scratch through the previous layer when you try to apply more glaze. Subsequent layers will take on a more glossy and raised appearance. Keep adding layers until you achieve the look you like.

Eileen applied two layers of glaze to the truck and automobile images on Ride layout. The images are noticeably raised and shiny.

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