Choosing Clear Blocks

Technique Tuesday Project

Most clear stamps come on a smooth storage sheet and are ready to be used. You don’t need to spend time trimming your stamps, figure out how to add a cushion, or pay for, store, and lug around all those bulky pieces of wood. You just need a couple sizes of clear blocks and some ink and you will be ready to start stamping. Here’s how:

  1. Select a clear block that is slightly larger than the stamp that you are going to use. If the block is much larger than the stamp, you may get ink on the block, which could end up in the wrong place on your project. If you use a block that is smaller than your stamp, you will get an uneven impression where the stamp is not supported by the block. You can also put more than one stamp on the same clear block. This is especially useful when you are using alphabet stamps to spell words or phrases.

  2. Use a gentle rolling and pulling motion to remove your clear stamp from the storage sheet. Although the clear stamps are strong, if you pull them off too fast or use too much force, you might tear your stamps. Technique Tuesday Project

  3. Place the stamp on a clear block. The slightly broader smooth side of the stamp should be against the clear block. For most people, it works best to place the stamp in the center of the block. However, if you are right handed, you may find it easier to place the stamp closer to the right hand side of the clear block. And if you are left handed, you may want to do the opposite.

When clear stamps get dirty or they are damp, they lose their stickiness and won’t cling to the block as firmly as they should. Just follow our cleaning instructions to restore your clear stamps to their natural sticky state. You should also clean your clear block and dry it too.