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Where To Send Cards

During our Random Act of Cardness Facebook campaign, people made lots of wonderful suggestions about who to send cards to and places to donate extras you may have. Here are some of our favorite ideas...maybe these will inspire you to send or donate more cards!

Who you might randomly send cards to:
� Of course, immediate family and close friends for any occasion you can think up!
� Grandchildren - the cards become a way to get a conversation going and continuing
� My niece and nephew! I've been sending them �Happy Month� cards since they were little (select a random day of the month and send consistently for that date).
� Hide a card in a suitcase for a traveling spouse or child
� Crafty friends (they can really appreciate the effort you put into the project!)
� Kids at college or camp
� Send cards to shut-ins
� Unsuspecting co-workers who could use a pick-me-up!
� Church members and volunteers that go above and beyond
� Doctors and nurses that care for you or your family members
� Emergency service personnel who put their lives on the line daily
� Those in the military, serving our country

Places to Donate Extra Cards:
� Your Church for them to send to members (especially sympathy, support and thank you cards)
� I love to surprise my Weight Watcher friends with inspiring cards to give them a boost
� Local nursing homes where the staff can hand them out for birthdays, pick-me-ups and just-because.
� The local VA hospital to be distributed to those in need of a smile or just to let them know that someone is thinking about them.
� Children�s hospitals.
� Donate them to fundraisers and auctions (a set of 10 thank you or birthday cards is a nice gift)
� I give gift bags along with a card to new arrivals at a local women's shelter.
� Donate thank you and encouragement cards to teachers to give out to students or parents
� I leave cards in dr's offices and around my community with a small purple tag which says: "A gift for you from Universal Art Abandonment, a movement practiced by creative and generous artists around the world to surprise and amuse recipients. Today the Universe chose YOU...enjoy! (If finding this has brought some small degree of pleasure, please pass along an act of kindness)"
� I work in a pharmacy, and my favorite is sending them to my senior customers. The ones who don't get out often. ( I do get the families permission first!!!!)