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A Gallery for Projects Made Using Stamps From
Studio AE (Ali Edwards) by Technique Tuesday

Welcome to the Studio AE Gallery! The projects in this gallery were made by Ali Edwards, the Technique Tuesday creative team and Stamping Techs, and by people who are members of Studio AE by Technique Tuesday.

If you are a member of Studio AE and would like to share your projects with us, we'd love to see them! Take a picture of your project. (Your project images should be about 900x900 pixels.) Then send your jpg file to us at Ideas at TechniqueTuesday dot com. Please also tell us what name you want us to use to give you attribution. (For example, your online name or your first name or your full name.) Your projects may be featured here in the Studio AE gallery on our website or in our newsletters. We can't wait to see the wonderful things that you create with your Studio AE stamps!